Welcome to barbarianknives. We are making  custom knives. Our focus is on Japanese kitchen knives but we make outdoor/hunting knives also. The products below are only examples. It's up to you to choose design and material for your knife.  Every knife is unique. Looking forward to hear from you. For any information contact us at:                         

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Why Choose Us?


Every knife is unique. It's 100% hand made. Not stamped out of a sheet of metal and grinded by robots like industrial knives. You choose your own design and your own materials. We talk about your requirements. Do you need a strong knife for heavy outdoor use or a kitchen knife for only cooking? Is it for home use or a restaurant? It takes 10-30 hours to make a kitchen knife, depending on materials, design and size.


Many people thinks that a hard knife is the best knife. That's not true. The problem with hard knives is chipping. This knives have a hardness from 63-66 HRC.  A hard knife like this will chipp if you are not careful. Many hunting and outdoor knives are therefore around 59 HRC.  The industry today have developed so called super steel or powdersteel for extreme toughness. This steel doesn't chip so easily as other metals and are stainless. They are therefore very popular in outdoor knives and  also some Japanese blacksmiths use this steel in their kitchen knives. Carbonsteel  knives are excellent if you want a knife that's easy to sharpen. But they can not stay in water because of rust or cleaned in the dishwasher. Clean, wipe and dry always after use and during use. Acidic fruit, like a lemon can give reactions to all steel. Read more about use and maintenance under the products. 


Heattreatment and quenching/hardening is a very important stage in the knifemaking process. Some knifemakers heattreat their own powdersteel knives. We don't do this. Heattreatment for this knives are so complicated that it's difficult to get a good result. We therefore send your knife to a professional company that have advanced  equipment for this complex  heattreatment. Carbon knives are heattreated in our workshop.  


We send worldwide. All knives are sent in a nice box. For all countries we will find the cheapest shipping method for you. Custom work is non-refundable once in-progress, custom projects can not be cancelled. For stock items bought directly from our catalog, we offer returns within 14 days of delivery if it have not been used. Shipping for returns is at the customer's expense. We refund 95% of the price because we are charged for the payment transaction.  If you live in Oslo we can deliver it for free at your door.

We are unable to provide refunds in the event that the knife that you have ordered was seized by customs or other agencies. Consult your country laws before ordering if you are in doubt. We are not responseble for custom fees or other taxes you get charged for. 

Production time varies from project to project. But we can give a roughly estimate normally about 2-6 weeks. We don't take responsibility for delays for knives that are heattreated outside our workshop. Powdersteel are always heattreated as mentioned by a professional company in another country. We can't take responsibility for delays that are not in our control.  Please read more about the heattreat process under the powdersteel knives. Some knifemakers heattreat their own powdersteel knives, we don't because we want to give you the best quality blade available. 


For powdersteel knives we give minimum 1 year guarantee against chipping. This is for normal home use. For professional chefs we give minimum 6 months guarantee.  If this guarantee is broken we will at least give you a free sharpening by your local knifesharpener. Every case will be solved as gentle as possible. If necessary we will send a claim to our heattreatment company and investigate if it's a fabrication issue. For the  elmax knives we give lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking of the blade. Please read about use and maintenance under each product. The guarantee don't cover misuse. Cutting on a stone or glass board is part of this.  The same if you are hitting our elmax outdoor knives against metal or other hard objects. 

knowledge, good materials and good handcraft makes good knives.

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About Us

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My passion for Japanese knives started in 2010 when I bought my first knives. Since then I have tried to learn why Japan are making so fantastic knives. In 2017 I started making  knives. I'm from Norway and 41 years old. 

I like fishing. Hiking and nature. Cooking. Politics. Diving and  aquariums.